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John in GLAMOUR’s 100 Sexiest Men 2017

Sound the hot guy klaxon, GLAMOUR’s 100 Sexiest Men for 2017 – as voted by YOU – have been revealed. Yes, we know it’s only December, but let’s face it, 2016 has sucked, so we’re looking ahead to a brighter, better, hotter 2017.

Who have you crowned your King Of Sexy? Before we unveil your number one, let’s appreciate the other 99 lustworthy contenders. From big screen beefcakes and YouTube stars, to TV’s finest specimens, and the singers who can come serenade us anytime, we bring you the 100 Sexiest Men for 2017. Enjoy.

Age: 24
Single? At one point he was rumoured to be dating his Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley, but the actoris still single.
See Him Next: John will be toting his light-saber as Finn in the upcoming eighth episode of the Star Wars franchise.



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