Gossip & Candid Policy

Although it may be a fair argument to say that those who choose the limelight that comes with being a celebrity also choose to have their personal life exploited in the media, we here at Incredible John Boyega beg to differ. Being a public figure should not have to mean that all aspects of your life need to be scrutinized in and plastered all over the media, and Incredible John Boyega wants to encourage this approach to celebrities with our (anti-) Gossip & Candid Policy.

Incredible John Boyega made the decision from the beginning not to post any candid photography of John; this includes photography of John e.g. shopping, dining, driving, leaving home. Such footage is considered “stalkerazzi,” and is something we do not wish to encourage.

We here at Incredible John Boyega respect John’s privacy, and thus no malicious gossip on personal life or private candids will ever be posted on the site. Our site is aimed at like-minded fans of John and him work, who are interested in following up on her career and supporting her, not stalking her every move; there are other websites for that purpose. We take pride in being stalkerazzi-free, and encourage all fans of John to leave her private life to those who belong to it. Thank you.